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On Page Optimization Data For Car insurance Spring Garden

This report is part of a larger database of on-page SEO information to help us as an SEO company create the best search optimized web pages for the users of the web while attracting high quality traffic from the search engine results.

In order to get more out of this information, you will need a basic understanding of search engine optimization, HTML, and CSS in order to implement some of the recommendations included in the table below.

A Little About This SEO Data For Car insurance Spring Garden

What you will see below is the output from an expert level diagnostic SEO analysis of over 1000 on site ranking factors. The purpose of the analysis is to identify the strongest ranking factors for Car insurance Spring Garden by comparitatively examing each of the top 100 pages ranking for the term Car insurance Spring Garden in the Google search results. Then comparing that to a specific webpage ranking for Car insurance Spring Garden in order to determine what factors would yield the best results and what you would have to do to that page in rank higher from an on-page SEO perspective.

By following this process, you or your SEO agency, will be able to take your optimization on site beyond what others are doing within their search marketing campaigns.

This Report tracks Car insurance Spring Garden IL keyword on . The keyword, Car insurance Spring Garden is measured in a number of different ways onpage according to google. Look at the table below to get more knowledge on keyword: Car insurance Spring Garden

SEO Road Map - Tuesday September 13, 2022

Car insurance Spring Garden        #97

Factor ID Factor Name To Be Above Average To Take the Lead
CP345 Has Terms of Service Add 5 more.Add 17 more.
ENT009 Entities in Title Tag Add 1 more.Add 3 more.
ENT014 Has Entities in H3 Tags Add 1 more.Add 8 more.
CP479ii Title Has Sentiment Words Add 1 more.Add 18 more.
CP479 Title Has Sales Words Add 7 more.Add 9 more.
ENT004 Entities in H3 Tags Add 6 more.Add 50 more.
CP313 Has Privacy Policy Add 15 more.Add 14 more.
CP168 Leading Variations in H3 Tags Add 1 more.Add 17 more.
CPXR003 Number of Heading Tags Add 11 more.Add 82 more.
CP134a Exact Match in Body Tag Add 12 more.
CP160 Leading Variations in H1-H6 Tags Add 15 more.Add 52 more.
CPXR002 Number of HTML Comments Add 16 more.Add 13 more.
ENT007 Entities in H6 Tags Add 2 more.Add 4 more.
ENT005 Entities in H4 Tags Add 13 more.Add 20 more.
ENT017 Has Entities in H6 Tags Add 1 more.Add 19 more.
CPJLD059 Has JSON-LD Corporation Add 16 more.Add 19 more.
ENT000a Number of Entities Used Add 23 more.Add 16 more.
CP479a Title Has Best Add 1 more.Add 10 more.
ENT018 Entities in Sentences Add 1 more.Add 11 more.
ENT015 Has Entities in H4 Tags Add 10 more.Add 2 more.
CP204 Has Canonical URL Add 2 more.Add 6 more.
CPJLD126 Has JSON-LD InteractionCounter Add 8 more.Add 11 more.
CPJLD264 Has JSON-LD VideoObject Add 7 more.Add 3 more.
ENT002 Entities in H1 Tags Add 6 more.
ENT001 Entities in HTML Tag Add 4 more.Add 1 more.
QS009 Number of Questions In H5 Tags Add 19 more.Add 3 more.
CPJLD060 Has JSON-LD Country Add 19 more.Add 11 more.
ENT003 Entities in H2 Tags Add 24 more.Add 9 more.
CPXR24 Number of P Tags Add 19 more.Add 15 more.
CP172 Leading Variations in H4 Tags Add 3 more.Add 16 more.
CP479h Title Has Find Add 12 more.Add 7 more.
CP428 Number of Images without Alt Text Add 9 more.Add 13 more..
CP208 Has Copyright Add 19 more.Add 16 more.
CP156 Leading Variations in H1, H2, and H3 Tags Add 12 more.Add 16 more.
CP184 Leading Variations in H6 Tags Add 12 more.Add 18 more.
CP176 Leading Variations in H4-H6 Tags Add 6 more.Add 20 more.
CP180 Leading Variations in H5 Tags Add 18 more.Add 20 more.
CP151 Leading Variations in H1 Tags Add 16 more.Add 18 more.
CPXR004 Number of H1 Tags Add 11 more.Add 13 more.
CP447 Number of Trademarks Add 2 more.Add 7 more.
ENT013 Has Entities in H2 Tags Add 16 more.Add 4 more.
CP227 Has Meta Keywords Add 6 more.Add 12 more.
QS011 Title Tag Has Question Add 11 more.Add 20 more.
CP346 Has Trademarks Add 12 more.Add 15 more.
CP220 Has HREF Lang Add 13 more.Add 4 more.
CPJLD014 Has JSON-LD Article Add 11 more.Add 19 more.
CPJLD057 Has JSON-LD ContactPoint Add 5 more.Add 18 more.
CP424 Number of HREF Lang Tags Add 17 more.Add 4 more.
CP468 Number of Sentences Add 99 more.Add 603 more.
CP492 Word Count Add 9 more.Add 14013 more.
CPJLD172 Has JSON-LD News Article Add 6 more.Add 15 more.
CP492b Unabridged Word Count Add 6 more.Add 6753 more.
CP380 Meta Description Length Add 9 more.
CP347 Has US Phone Number Add 3 more.Add 9 more.
QS003 Number of Questions Add 9 more.Add 8 more.
QS012 Headings Has Question Add 10 more.Add 14 more.
CPJLD266 Has JSON-LD Website Add 12 more.Add 13 more.
CPXX888 Number of HTML Tags Add 3 more.Add 5 more.
CP310 Has OpenGraph Type Add 4 more.Add 12 more.
CP479g Title Has Free Add 16 more.Add 15 more.
QS008 Number of Questions In H4 Tags Add 12 more.Add 15 more.
CP164 Leading Variations in H2 Tags Add 12 more.Add 13 more.
CP481b Word Count in Meta Description Tag Add 3 more.
CP481a Word Count in Title Tag Add 13 more.Add 20 more.
QS007 Number of Questions In H3 Tags Add 20 more.Add 7 more.
QS004 Number of Questions In Headings Add 17 more.Add 19 more.
CP412 Number of Email Addresses Add 3 more.Add 10 more.
ENT006 Entities in H5 Tags Add 17 more.Add 19 more.
CP412b Has Email Add 6 more.Add 2 more.
CP207 Has Contact Page Add 11 more.Add 5 more.
CP235 Has Meta Viewport Add 19 more.Add 10 more.
CP480 Title Length Add 7 more.Add 11 more.
ENT016 Has Entities in H5 Tags Add 2 more.Add 2 more.
CPJLD122 Has JSON-LD ImageObject Add 12 more.Add 3 more.
QS005 Number of Questions In H1 Tags Add 2 more.Add 13 more.
CP451 Number of US Phone Numbers Add 18 more.Add 5 more.
CP425 Number of HTTPS Links Add 17 more.Add 13 more.
CP435 Number of Links Add 20 more.Add 8 more.
CP418 Number of Forms Add 14 more.Add 15 more.
CPJLD189 Has JSON-LD Organization Add 11 more.Add 11 more.
CPJLD198 Has JSON-LD Person Add 15 more.Add 2 more.
CP348 Has Video Add 2 more.Add 20 more.
CP452 Number of Videos Add 12 more.Add 6 more.
CP352 Has YouTube Embed Add 5 more.Add 19 more.
CP455 Number of YouTube Embeds Add 15 more.Add 4 more.
CP230 Has Meta Twitter Cards Add 19 more.Add 4 more.
CPJLD265 Has JSON-LD WebPage Add 1 more.Add 20 more.
QS006 Number of Questions In H2 Tags Add 19 more.Add 14 more.
CP223 Has Meta Author Add 4 more.Add 16 more.
CP426 Number of Images Add 13 more.
CP364 Is OpenGraph Type Article Add 5 more.Add 8 more.
CP234 Has Meta Twitter Content Add 12 more.Add 1 more.
CP309 Has OpenGraph Image Add 18 more.Add 7 more.
CP427 Number of Images with Alt Text Add 6 more.
CP231 Has Meta Twitter Description Add 5 more.Add 6 more.
CP233 Has Meta Twitter Site Add 4 more.Add 2 more.

About the Report

The Road Map lists the factors in descending order where the factors at the top have the strongest correlation with rank position in Google and they get incrementally weaker as you go down the list. We recommend that you fix 5-10 deficits at a time then wait 2-12 days to see if there is impact. You can always do more passes later. We want to avoid triggering a "Google Dance" where your page drops out of search for a week or more while Google reprocesses everything. We find that making too many changes at once triggers this. If you do trigger a Google Dance then 9 times out of 10 the correct action to take is to stop and wait. Work on different pages in that case. A Google Dance often results in the same position or better.

Exact Match

This is the search used to create this report.

Car insurance Spring Garden


Variations are the words that Google makes bold in desktop search results. Google bolds them to show you how relevant the results are. We measure them because they help make your page relevant for the target keyword.

insurance 10, for 10, car 10, car insurance 10, spring garden 10, vehicle 9, spring garden car 6, spring garden car insurance 6, cars 4, for auto insurance 3


This means the tag content begins with the keyword match.

<tag>KEYWORD ...</tag>

Making Whole Tags

This means the only content in the tag is the keyword match.



Entities are nouns that Google's AI likely understands. They are found in public databases like Freebase, Wikidata, and Wikipedia. Groups of entities form topics which helps classify documents.

insurance 10, auto 10, spring garden 10, driving 10, auto insurance 10, insured 10, illinois 10, car 10, car insurance 10, property 9, liability 9, accident 9, vehicle 9, company 9, information 9, navigation 8, geico 8, safe 8, uninsured motorist 8, insurance company 8, cost 8, mobile 8, money 8, customer 8, credit 7, insurance companies 7, deductible 7, customer service 6, usaa 6, faq 6, average 6, login 6, tools 6, web 6, insurer 6, blog 5, zip codes 5, liability insurance 5, dui 5, methodology 5, language 4, cars 4, faqs 4, roadside assistance 4, prices 4, health 4, insurance premiums 4, speeding ticket 3, mercury 3, dollar 3, advertiser 3, business insurance 3, transportation 3

Triple Word LSI

LSI are simply other words that come up naturally when people talk about your target keyword.

best car insurance 6, car insurance rates 5

Double Word LSI

car insurance 10, auto insurance 10, zip code 9, img src 8, iframe src 7, insurance companies 7, doctype html 7, state farm 6, best car 6, div style 6, liberty mutual 5, renters insurance 5, roadside assistance 4, form method 4, homeowners insurance 3, link rel 3, insurance calculator 3, insurance agency 3

Single Word LSI

type 10, quote 10, text 10, href 10, https 10, state 10, spring garden 10, height 10, var 10, input 10, style 10, insured 10, illinois 10, cen 10, min 10, top 10, low 10, width 10, span 10, insurance 10, col 10, auto 10, body 10, div 10, www 10, rel 10, html 10, new 10, image 10, alt 10, name 10, http 10, img 10, hidden 10, link 10, insure 10, title 10, content 10, head 10, car 10, class 10, value 10, src 10, form 10, none 9, required 9, price 9, action 9, tel 9, zip 9, method 9, aria 9, script 9, left 9, icon 9, vehicle 9, event 9, free 9, display 9, data 9, border 9, background 9, noscript 9, try 9, code 9, color 9, box 9, best 9, company 9, row 9, org 9, custom 9, rates 9, start 9, home 9, select 8, companies 8, iframe 8, product 8, cheap 8, contact 8, visibility 8, renters 8, true 8, button 8, homeowners 8, cost 8, center 8, customer 8, payment 7, png 7, relative 7, nofollow 7, strong 7, table 7, affordable 7, doctype 7, date 7, good 7, position 7, option 7, submit 7, public 7, placeholder 7, farm 6, gtm 6, margin 6, version 6, looking 6, disclaimer 6, business 6, font 6, cheaper 6, buy 6, align 6, reviews 6, sha 6, mutual 6, googletagmanager 6, assistance 6, cheapest 6, allstate 6, jpg 6, online 6, big 5, css 5, liberty 5, calculator 5, roadside 5, images 5, maxlength 5, insurers 5, url 5, motorcycle 5, ffffff 5, zipcode 5, today 5, padding 5, cars 4, agency 4, rental 4, absolute 4, language 4, static 4, aug 4, scope 4, sizes 3, stylesheet 3, solid 3, schema 3, document 3, utf 3, itemprop 3

Keyword Density

#97 car-insurance-spring-garden-illinois.insuranceforcarworld.comAvgMax12345678910
Clean Variation Density48.65 %8.0610.695.92 %8.24 %10.18 %5.33 %7.56 %9.39 %9.57 %8.56 %5.17 %10.69 %
Clean Exact Match Density5.41 % %0.11 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %

Clean Variation Density: Keyword density is the ratio of keywords to word count. In a clean density the following parts of the page are excluded: head tag, comments, scripts, styles, and HTML tags. All variations are used to calculate the match count.

Clean Exact Match Density: Keyword density is the ratio of keywords to word count. In a clean density the following parts of the page are excluded: head tag, comments, scripts, styles, and HTML tags. Only the Exact Match is used to calculate the match count.

Search Results Snapshot

RankDomainPage TitleURL
1geico.comCar Insurance Quotes in Spring Garden, IL | GEICO
2allstate.comSpring Garden Car Insurance Quotes in Illinois | Allstate Insurance
3thezebra.comFind Cheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden, IL (from $104/mo) | The Zebra | Car Insurance | Auto Insurance | Car Insurance Near Me
4nerdwallet.comCheapest Car Insurance in Spring Garden, IL for 2022 - NerdWallet
5valuepenguin.comWhich Insurer Has the BEST Spring Garden Car Insurance Quotes? - ValuePenguin
6moneygeek.comThe Best Cheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden, IL for 2022 | MoneyGeek.com
7usnews.comBest Cheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden for 2022
8unitedautoinsurance.comCheap Car Insurance Spring Garden | United Auto Insurance
9bankrate.comBest Cheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden for 2022 | Bankrate
10illinoisvehicle.comSpring Garden Auto Insurance - Get a Free Instant Quote Today Save | Illinois Vehicle
11firstspring-gardeninsurance.comFirst Spring Garden Insurance
12quotewizard.comCheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden (2022) | QuoteWizard
13mercuryinsurance.comCar Insurance Spring Garden | Mercury Insurance
14americanautoinsurance.comAuto Insurance SR22 | Instant Coverage | American Auto Insurance
15getjerry.comCompare Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Spring Garden, Illinois 2022
16oxfordauto.comBest Cheap Car Insurance Spring Garden 2022 | Oxford Auto Insurance
17statefarm.comIL Auto Home Insurance Quotes in Spring Garden | State Farm� | State Farm�
18thehartford.comCar Insurance in Spring Garden, IL | The Hartford
19accurateautoins.comCheap Auto Insurance Spring Garden, IL | Low Cost Car Insurance Quotes Online
20libertymutual.comIllinois Car Insurance | Get a Quote | Liberty Mutual
21lincolnautoinsurance.comAffordable Auto Insurance SR22 Spring Garden | Lincoln Auto Insurance
22freewayinsurance.comWhat You Should Know About Car Insurance in Spring Garden | Freeway Insurance
23insurancenavy.comCheap Car Insurance in Spring Garden - Best Affordable Spring Garden Car Insurance Quotes - Car Insurance - Auto Insurance - Car Insurance Near Me | Insurance Navy
24urbaninsuranceagency.comUrban Insurance | Low Cost Spring Garden Car Insurance and SR22 Insurance
25ilinsurancecenter.comCar Insurance Quote in Spring Garden | Illinois Insurance Center
26theeagleman.comEagle Insurance - Spring Garden Car Insurance - Illinois Auto Insurance - Insurance Quotes - Cheap SR22 Rates
27safeauto.comIllinois Car Insurance | SafeAuto
28cloverinsurance.comAuto Insurance Spring Garden | Instant SR-22 Insurance | Affordable Car Insurance
29expertise.com12 Best Spring Garden Local Car Insurance Agencies | Expertise.com
30usaa.comIllinois Car Insurance | USAA
31policygenius.comBest Car Insurance in Spring Garden, Illinois 2022 - Policygenius
32joinroot.comSpring Garden car insurance | Root Insurance
33thegeneral.comIllinois Car Insurance | The General Insurance
34caranddriver.comBest Car Insurance in Spring Garden, Illinois
35farmers.comInsurance Quotes for Home, Auto, Life : Farmers Insurance
36access-insurance.comEast Spring Garden Car Insurance @ Access Auto Insurance
37progressive.comIllinois Auto Insurance: Car Insurance Quote | Progressive
38insureonthespot.comInsure On The Spot Insure On The Spot Website
39hubinternational.comCar Insurance Spring Garden Heights | HUB International
40wallethub.comCheapest Car Insurance in Illinois (September 2022) - WalletHub | Cheap Car Insurance Illinois, Cheap Auto Insurance Il, Cheap Insurance Illinois
41greatnortherninsuranceagency.comSpring Garden Insurance | Auto Insurance Coverage Instant SR -22 | Great Northern Insurance Agency
42abc7spring-garden.comIllinois car insurance rates rising with inflation; how to find deals, discounts, and quotes for cheap insurance - ABC7 Spring Garden
43activeinsurance.comSpring Garden Auto Insurance | SR-22 Insurance Low Cost / Cheap Car Spring Garden, IL
44nationwide.comIllinois Car Insurance - Get a Free Quote - Nationwide
45magnuminsurance.comAffordable Insurance Agency � Magnum Insurance
46good2go.comSpring Garden, IL Car Insurance for Less | Get a Quote | Good2Go
47metromile.comSave up to $947 on Car Insurance in Spring Garden | Metromile
48smartfinancial.comCheap Car Insurance Rates in Spring Garden, Illinois | SmartFinancial
49statelocalgov.netCheap Car Insurance Spring Garden Heights IL ($23/Mo Quotes) + Best 5 Companies Near Me [Liability Full Coverage] How Much is Average Cost a Month, Affordable Rates, Minimum Policy Requirements, Compare Prices Online, Quote Comparison, Agents Brokers, Low Income, Company Reviews for Geico, Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, Vehicle Owners, Direct, USAA, AAA, Liberty Mutual, Safe, Root, The General, Direct, Freeway, Amica, Nationwide, Erie, Travelers, Need Cheaper Cover, Lowest Rate Discounts, Insure Automobile, (16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Year Old Male or Female Costs), No Money Down, Zero Deposit, 0 Payment Upfront, Top Places Nearby, SR22 Agencies, Cheapest Auto Insurance in Spring Garden Heights Illinois
50compare.comSpring Garden, IL Car Insurance Rates for 2022 | Compare.com
51clearcover.comClearcover Car Insurance | Smarter Car Insurance
52way.comCheap Car Insurance Spring Garden, IL 2022 � Way.com
53atlantic39.comInexpensive Low Cost Auto Insurance Spring Garden - Affordable Car Insurance Illinois
54ilsos.govMandatory Insurance
55spring-gardenlawyer.comSpring Garden Car Insurance Lawyer | Auto Insurance Issues Claims
56lambergoodnow.comWhat are the minimum insurance requirements in Spring Garden? - Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers Spring Garden
57carinsurance.comCheapest Car Insurance Costs in Spring Garden, IL | CarInsurance.com
58crunchbase.comAccess to this page has been denied.
59yelp.comTop 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in Spring Garden, IL - August 2022 - Yelp
60erieinsurance.comIllinois Auto Insurance | Erie Insurance
61talro.comTalro Insurance Agency - (773) 205-8255
62abegtinsurance.comAuto Insurance | Spring Garden | Downers Grove | Lansing | Orland Park
63insure.comAverage car insurance cost in Spring Garden, IL [From $189 a month]
64.illinois.govIllinois Secretary of State � IL Insurance Verification System (ILIVS) - Auto Insurance
65kemper.comHomepage | Kemper
66kanegroupins.comAuto, Automobile, Car, Vehicle Insurance in Spring Garden Illinois - Kane Insurance Group, Inc.,
68amfam.comAuto, Home, Life, More | American Family Insurance
69insurify.comCheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Spring Garden, IL (August 2022)
70esurance.comEsurance Car Insurance Quotes More
71handzel.comAuto Insurance Agency in Spring Garden, IL | Handzel Associates Ltd
72insurox.comGet Free Car Insurance Quotes for Spring Garden, Illinois | Insurox�
73thebdig.comCollector Car Insurance in Spring Garden - Billy Davis Insurance Group
74carinsurancecomparison.comSpring Garden, IL, Car Insurance (Rates + Companies)
75spring-gardenbusiness.comGeico car insurance rates in Illinois rising 17% | Crain s Spring Garden Business
76gb-group.comClassic Car Insurance - Spring Garden, IL | GB Group, Inc.
77marketwatch.comCheapest Car Insurance in Illinois: Costs and Companies (2022)
78propublica.orgHow We Examined Racial Discrimination in Auto Insurance Prices � ProPublica
79illinoisautomobileinsuranceagency.comSpring Garden Auto Insurance | SR -22 Insurance | Illinois Automobile Insurance Agency
80fiestainsurance.comFiesta Insurance and Tax - Spring Garden Illinois #IL003
81businessinsider.comThe Best Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois in 2022
82lemonade.comIllinois Car Insurance and Vehicle Coverage | Lemonade
83northwestinsurance.comHome | Northwest Insurance
84rosenfeldinjurylawyers.comSpring Garden Auto Insurance Lawyer | Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers
851stamericaninsurance.comSpring Garden IL Affordable Car Insurance
86horacemann.comHorace Mann | Car Insurance Discounts for Educators in Spring Garden
87expertinsurancereviews.comSpring Garden Auto Insurance Guide (Rates, Companies, More) � Expert Insurance Reviews
88illinoisdriverslicensereinstatementlawyer.comDriving Without Valid Insurance | Spring Garden Driving Without Valid Insurance Lawyer The Davis Law Group, P.C.
89oakbrookinsuranceagency.comAuto / Car Insurance - Spring Garden IL & Oak Park IL - KSA Insurance Agency
90woodfieldlexus.comCar Insurance Guide | Woodfield Lexus | near Arlington Heights, IL
91trunnellinsurance.comCar Insurance- Naperville - Spring Garden | Trunnell Insurance Services
92spring-garden.suntimes.comIllinois consumers need relief from car insurers raking in pandemic profits - Spring Garden Sun-Times
93forbes.comBest Cheap Car Insurance In Illinois 2022 Forbes Advisor
94consumeraffairs.com12 Best Car Insurance in Spring Garden, IL | ConsumerAffairs
95insurance.comCheapest car insurance in Spring Garden, IL for 2022
96checkbook.orgHow Much Auto Insurance Do You Need - Spring Garden Consumers' Checkbook
97car-insurance-spring-garden-illinois.insuranceforcarworld.comCar insurance Spring Garden - Cheap Spring Garden Car Insurance - Auto Insurance - Car Insurance - Auto Insurance Near Me - Car Insurance Near Me - Insurance Navy Brokers

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